I help men like you overcome their pornography problems. In many cases, the problem has been dogging them for years. If you are like them, you’ve experienced successes in managing it; but also experienced repeated demoralising failures. I have helped men who have been struggling with pornography for decades, who have been guilty and ashamed, and who have given up all hope that they can leave it behind. I do this by using my experience of what works for men who are trying to battle pornography. To be effective, I individually target these approaches so that they best fit your needs. This is reflected in the structure of my services.

Because I have years of experience with this issue, I am very comfortable talking about pornography with men; men are often surprised to find that they are comfortable talking about pornography with me. For many men, this is a considerable relief. In most cases, pornography is something that they have been struggling with alone with many years. In many cases, have never spoken about it to anybody.

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Some men seek out individual counselling to help them get on top of their pornography use. For some, this as an individual problem that they want to try and solve themselves without involving their partner. They want to understand why they find pornography so appealing and to find a way to get out of the cycle of habitual use.

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Some couples trying to come to terms with the pornography use of one member of the couple find that it is useful for them to both come to counselling. This can help them both understand what has happened and why, and to start to take the steps together to repair the damage.

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I also work with women who are trying to understand and cope with their partner’s pornography use. Their partner’s pornography use can be very upsetting but they want to know how to come to terms with it but aren’t sure how; I help these women find a way forward for themselves.

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I offer online counselling to men located interstate, internationally, those in remote locations or for other circumstances where they they cannot attend face-to-face counselling. I do this via an easy-to-use encrypted professional grade video connection to protect your privacy.

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