Pornography use can be a destructive force in a relationship, leading to distrust, feelings of betrayal, anger and outrage. Its effects can be severe and have lead to the threat of relationship breakdowns, and the breakup of families. Chances are, if you’re here, your relationship has been affected by pornography use. I’d like to help get things back on track. If you think that I might be able to help, here are some details of my take on pornography, some details about me and some of the conditions of working with me.

If would like more information or would like to book your free initial consultation, make contact with me.

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The effects of porn usage are varied. Some couples incorporate pornography use into their sexual lives; for them it doesn’t seem to be problematic. However, what typically happens is that men get an increasingly unrealistic idea about what happens in sex, what women want and how relationships are conducted.

Tim Hill

I have substantial experience in helping people just like you. People find it easy to talk to me about their pornography problems, and find that they receive a warm and open reception to talk about these difficulties. For most men, they feel bad enough about having these problems – the last thing they need is someone else judging them and criticising them for something that they are struggling with.

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A typical counselling session typically starts with you giving an update of what has happened since the previous session. From there, we focus in on what is currently most relevant for you to talk about. Along the way, I might ask you some questions in order to clarify my understanding, but it’s more typical that our discussions will be an exploration of your current difficulties and what you might do about them.

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I offer an initial consultation at no charge for individual and couples counselling. This is an opportunity for you to decide if you feel that working with me will be valuable for you.  However, I don’t offer a free initial consultation for partner counselling. This is because partner counselling is generally of shorter term than individual counselling. If the partner counselling continues, I offer the fifth session for free.